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Cyanoacrylate adhesives offer a variety of positive properties, such as the bonding of different and difficult to bond materials, rapid curing with very high adhesive strength and a range of different viscosities. Cyanoacrylate adhesives thus offer versatile possibilities for the most demanding applications.

Permabond® Cyanoacrylate adhesives / Cyanoacrylate-based superglue

Cyanoacrylate adhesives are 1-component adhesives which often harden in a few seconds due to a reaction with traces of moisture on the surface of the material to be bonded. They have been formulated to cover a wide range of adhesive properties.

Permabond® Polyolefin primer for pretreatment

For surface pretreatment of polyolefins (PP, PE etc.), PTFE and silicones. For bonding with CAs, which are difficult to bond without special pre-treatment due to the low surface energy.