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Photoinitiators and UV curing binders

We sell photoinitiators and UV curing binders – here we concentrate on reliable suppliers and a permanent availability of photoinitiators is our priority.


Photoinitiators are the key compound in UV curable coating and resin formulations. Decorative and protective coatings for wood, paper, metal and other substrates can be cured.

UV curing resins and acrylate monomers

UV systems occupy an important position in the field of wood varnishes, printing inks and composites – 3D printing is also increasingly being used in UV systems. UV curable coating systems are usually based on UV curable acrylic binders which are cured by initiators. With Laromer resins we offer a wide range of binders and reactive diluents. In addition to Laromer binders, we also offer acrylate monomers and intermediates for the production and modification of UV binders and other binder systems.

UV binders
  • Laromer epoxy acrylates
  • Laromer polyester acrylates
  • Laromer polyether acrylates
  • Laromer amine modified polyether acrylates
  • Laromer urethane acrylates
  • Laromer water thinnable acrylates
  • Laromer dual-cure acrylic
  • Acrylat monomers
    • Hydroxyacrylate monomers
    • Methacrylate monomers
Reactive diluent
  • Laromer TMPTA
    • Laromer BDDA
    • Laromer HDDA
    • Laromer TPGDA
    • Laromer DPGDA
  • Ethyl diglycol acrylate
    • 4-HBA
    • DVE-3
  • Vinyl Monomers
  • Pyrrolidone
  • Imidazole
  • Acetylen alcohols
  • Special Acrylics

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