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New distribution partnership between Bodo Möller Chemie and SIR Industriale S.p.A. in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia From the 1st of August 2011 Bodo Möller Chemie provides the unsaturated polyester resin and vinyl ester resin SIRESTER™ and the reactive diluent EPOSIR™ produced by SIR Industriale.

Unsaturated polyester resins contain double bonds curing with styrol or other reactive diluents with the aid of peroxides like for example dicumyle peroxide, dibenzoyl peroxide or methyl ethyl ketone. This offer is for the customer in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia.

Bodo Möller Chemie increases with SIR Industrial the presence in Slovakia and the Czech Republic and also expands the position as distributor for high-quality resin systems in the East European market.

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