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With a thoroughly revised web presence, Bodo Möller Chemie provides a structured framework for complex topics. Now, with a few mouse clicks in, users from the automotive, railway and aerospace industry, as well as from the electrical and electronic industry, the textile and plastic stabilization sector or from coatings production, can find relevant content. The focus is on the needs of customers and product users. To accomplish this, the comprehensive product portfolio is structured according to their applications and a modern and clear design shows it in a user-friendly way. Thus, the best possible information is provided through the specific intended use. Additional information, such as events and news, tailored to the specialist area also offers great added value.

All-round solution provider

The new structure of the website follows the high standards of Bodo Möller Chemie, namely to make the best solution available for the specific challenges of the customers. They will benefit equally from expert knowledge, an exceptional product portfolio and the company’s services. Owing to the complex products and varied special applications, personal technical advice with a specialist is worthwhile. Therefore, the way to the right point contact is now very short. With direct and personal contact information, users can turn directly to the right experts with their concerns without any detours. The content and structure of the website were not only revised, but also placed on a new technical platform to guarantee a seamless optimal display on all user devices.

Innovative imagery

Apart from the modern layout and the reduced color design, the new website impresses, above all, due to its unique visual material. “We are very pleased about our successful website relaunch. After a technical, visual and content revision, we have totally revamped our web presence by providing it with a modern and esthetic visual appearance,” explains Jürgen Rietschle, Managing Director of Bodo Möller Chemie. “We consciously sought creative expression in our visual representation. Chemistry does not have to be shown conservatively in the form of its final products. Another interesting approach is centered on human beings: Every day, we are confronted with chemistry, and biochemical processes take place all the time in our body.”

Corporate Marketing

Senefeldertraße 176
63069 Offenbach am Main

+49 69 838326-137
+49 69 838326-166


The Battery Show Europe 2024

18.06.2024 - 20.06.2024, Stuttgart


Bodo Möller Chemie obtains majority share in distribution company Losi Group and expands into aerospace market

JEC World: Bodo Möller Chemie presents technological innovations and an expert lecture during the trade fair.