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Bodo Möller Chemie adds Henkel BONDERITE products to its portfolio Innovative cleaning and surface treatment for metal processing

Starting immediately, the Bodo Möller Chemie Group is the new sales and distribution partner for Henkel’s BONDERITE products in Germany. With the innovative technologies and solutions for functional coatings, the Bodo Möller Chemie Group expands its product range for the complete value-added chain in production with a comprehensive portfolio for the pretreatment of metals and light metals, which are especially used in machinery and vehicle construction. Henkel products set innovative standards for the entire surface treatment process, metal cleaning and coating, and they stand for performance, reliability and sustainability. “As a long-standing Henkel partner, we are very pleased about intensifying our current collaboration. With BONDERITE, we can now offer our customers outstanding products of a global market leader for optimizing their metalworking processes,” explains Frank Haug, CEO of the Bodo Möller Chemie Group.


Corrosion protection and paint adhesion

The extensive product family for surface technologies includes chemical cleaning agents and corrosion protection coatings for steel, multi-metals or aluminum used during the production process. The BONDERITE products are optimally suited for cleaning the components of coolants and lubricants as well as other contaminants that occur during the metalworking process and must therefore be removed before painting or other final coatings. As a result of this, paint adhesion and corrosion resistance are improved while simultaneously reducing energy consumption and waste products, thereby lowering the carbon footprint. The various BONDERITE products help to optimize existing processes already in the production of individual parts and reduce ongoing operating costs.


Complete production chain

The Bodo Möller Chemie Group is the specialist for adhesive systems and applications in many industrial sectors, particularly in the automobile, rail, aviation and electronic industry, and it offers a product portfolio especially tailored to the requirements of the sector. “Many of our customers need cleaning and pretreatment products before a bonding or final coating is carried out. Therefore, our objective is to offer all the successive needs for specialty chemicals and the corresponding expert advice from one single source, in order to optimally meet the individual requirements of our customers,” according to Frank Haug. For industrial companies, the single-source advice and delivery facilitates the product selection and planning of production steps. For the bonding sector, Bodo Möller Chemie additionally makes the services of its own Adhesive Competence Center available. The Competence Center performs, among other things, weathering resistance, aging and corrosion resistance tests according to the current standards and industrial standards for adhesive applications and surface treatments.

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