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Araldite® 2023

New acrylic adhesives designed for large and complex mulitmaterial assemblies

Bodo Möller Chemie offers the new structural acrylic adhesives Araldite® 2023.

The new Araldite® 2023 adhesives are engineered for tough joining and sealing of large parts without sagging. This makes the new Araldite® 2023 ideal for vertical and complex bonding applications. The new flexible adhesives offering high gab filling and expansion properties. The adhesive was developed to improve assembly processes and optical appearance when bonding dissimilar materials such as composites, metals and plastics.


Advantages of the new adhesive

  • Non-sag – Can be applied to complex geometry, vertical and overhead surfaces

  • High gap fill – Compensates gaps up to 30 mm

  • Modular curing – From 10 to 60 minutes for the right open / cure time ratio

  • Flexible – Compensates for the thermal expansion of different materials and dynamic loadings

  • UV stable – Bright grey color, will not yellow with age or sunlight

Product details on Araldite® 2023

Experience how Araldite® 2023 enables assembly of large parts

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