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Composite resins for wind energy

Our high-quality and comprehensive portfolio of resin systems offers solutions for all application technologies in composite manufacturing in the wind power industry. The most important market requirements for the production of large rotors are low viscosity infusion resin systems with a long processing window for rapid infusion of even the largest components and a subsequent rapid Tg build-up at low curing temperatures.

3D carbon fabrics

Weaving techniques can be used to produce near net-shape preforms.

Aradur® Hardeners

Amine and anhydrite-based hardener products for use with epoxy resins.

Araldite® / Aradur® Formulated resin / hardener systems

High-performance resin systems for all industrial applications, available in various varieties for all common manufacturing processes.

Araldite® Epoxy base resins

For formulation by the end user, many product variants are mostly available in large containers.

Innegra Polypropylene fabrics

Is a high modulus polypropylene fibre which can be used independently or in conjunction with other fibres to provide weight reduction, excellent levels of impact resistance and damage tolerance.

Multiaxial carbon fabrics

Very flat, non-crimp fabrics from 100gsm with 2 layers and up to 1600gsm with a maximum of 9 layers, can be produced in widths up to 2540mm (100 inches).

Recycled carbon fabrics

Fabrics contain reclaimed carbon fibre, resulting in products that are sustainable and cost effective.

Woven carbon fabrics

Abrics are used in traditional fabric construction such as plain weave, twill and satin patterns and also more complex designs for aesthetic and performance applications.

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