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Adhesives & sealants for repair and maintenance of wind turbines

Wind turbines are often exposed to extreme conditions and strongly changing environmental influences. Regular maintenance and repairs are required on a recurring basis. Repairs have to be carried out quickly and effectively, this is what our adhesive systems have been designed for. Various packaging units including cartridges enable fast and safe use.

Araldite® 1-component epoxy resin adhesives

Form a very good contact adhesion to metals as well as duromers and have an excellent ratio between shear and peel strength.

Araldite® 2-component epoxy resin adhesives

Depending on the type, they can be used for structural bonding of metals, thermosets and reinforced plastics. Can have very high strength and temperature resistance (up to 210°C).

Araldite® 2-component methyl methacrylate adhesives

For all high-strength yet tough elastic adhesive joints. Very high tolerance to poorly bondable substrates or surfaces that are not optimally prepared.

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