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Surface pretreatment for aerospace & defense

Before each gluing a cleaning of the gluing surface is necessary. There are different cleaners for this, depending on the substrate and contamination. Polyurethane adhesives also often require primer or activation steps before bonding.

BETABRADE™ Contamination and silicone remover

For removing silicone contamination from glass panes or ceramic screen printing without scratching the glass surface.

BETACLEAN™ Surface cleaners

Cleaner for the removal of dirt such as dust, grease and oil from adhesive surfaces. Depending on the application, cleaners are available for use on metals, plastics, glass and other substrates.


Film-forming glass, plastic and metal primers which, in addition to the adhesion promoter, also increase the UV and corrosion protection of an adhesive bond.

BETAWIPE™ Activators

Activators which increase the adhesion and ageing resistance of certain substrates such as glass or aluminium by creating chemical bonds between substrate and primer.

BONDERITE® Etching agents for metal surfaces

In order to achieve an optimal, homogeneous metal surface, the uppermost material layers that are affected by corrosion or contamination are removed by etching agents. This improves the quality of subsequent lacquering and surface coatings.

BONDERITE® Masking and covering media for the etching process

In most cases etching of the full component surface is not wished, only individual areas shall be treated. Areas which shall not be attacked chemically are covered in advance with special liquid masking media. This protects these surface areas from the etching process.

BONDERITE® Paint stripping materials

Chemical paint strippers can be used to effectively remove the paint layers on the aircraft structure without mechanical action. The product selection is based on the desired process time and compatibility with the base material.

BONDERITE® Special cleaner for engine overhaul

Special products are used for engine overhaul, which have been developed and qualified in accordance with manufacturer maintenance specifications. There are products for use on the aircraft (on wing) and for use in repair shops (off wing).

LOCTITE FRECOTE® Release agents

Release agents are used for the pretreatment of pressing and laminating tools to ensure easy demoulding, good surface quality and low tool contamination.

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EN 9120 Germany

Internationally valid quality standards and requirements for the distribution of chemicals and their transfer for the aerospace industry.

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