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Maintenance, repair & cleaning of aerospace components

In the field of aviation, very high-quality resin systems are used, which are already subject to the quality requirements extended by the manufacturers. In most cases, these resin systems are optimized with regard to their fire properties and approved by the OEMs (Airbus/Boeing) for special applications.

AXAREL® Precision cleaner for electronics production

Solvent-based cleaner for adhesive tape and flux residues, residues of SMD adhesives and solder pastes. Can be used manually or in immersion and ultrasonic cleaning processes.

BIOACT® Precision cleaner for electronics production

Batch flux cleaner for use in spray, immersion or ultrasonic cleaning processes.

LENIUM® Precision cleaner for electronics production

Steam degreasing products and solvent cleaners for use with open or closed vacuum steam cold cleaners.

Permabond® Cyanoacrylate adhesives / Cyanoacrylate-based superglue

Cyanoacrylate adhesives are 1-component adhesives which often harden in a few seconds due to a reaction with traces of moisture on the surface of the material to be bonded. They have been formulated to cover a wide range of adhesive properties.

RenCast® 2-component polyurea casting resins

Specially adapted to the requirements of foundry operations. They are characterised by good processability, dimensional stability as well as high wear and abrasion resistance.

RenCast® 2-component polyurethane fast casting resins

For the production of control or auxiliary castings in model and mold making.

RenGel™ Epoxy gelcoats and coupling layers

For all applications in model and mold making, specially adapted to temperature requirements, abrasion resistance, grindability, polishability and high chemical resistance.

RenLam® Laminating resins

Epoxy laminating resins with focus on mould and tool making.

UREOL® Epoxy tooling boards

Optimally matched to the requirements of composite mold making. Particularly suitable for all mold making applications in the temperature range up to 140°C, especially for prepreg laying tools.

UREOL® Polyurethane tooling boards

For all applications in styling, design, model and mold making as well as in gauge and jig making, characterized by excellent mechanical characteristics over the entire product range.

Wax sheets

For the simulation of the component wall thickness in mould construction.

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EN 9120

Internationally valid quality standards and requirements for the distribution of chemicals and their transfer for the aerospace industry.


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