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Professional conference Bonding Visions: Lightweight trends of the future

15.05.2014 - 16.05.2014 | Seewartenstraße 9, Hamburg

Bodo Möller Chemie and experts from research and industry present composite, adhesive and lightweight trends on a two-day symposium in Hamburg

Whether it is automotive, aerospace and alternative energy – many growth industries use increasingly lightweight structures, specialized composites and adhesives in the product development. In a two- day conference the internationally active specialty chemical company Bodo Möller Chemie ( shows on 15th and 16th May 2014 in Hamburg current and future trends, developments and potentials of new materials and the growing importance of bonding as a joining method of the 21st Century.

Specialized adhesives play a key role in modern lightweight construction, glass-fiber or carbon- reinforced products, says Bodo Möller Chemie CEO Frank Haug: “Without bonding as a highly innovative connection technique, mass-markets like electric cars would not be able to be realized. Where once industries had to screw, rivet or weld, they glue today. This enables the use of new materials such as composites on a large scale.” High-performance adhesives with special features are more popular than ever: Already today more than 250.000 different adhesives are used worldwide.

The conference is aimed at professionals and decision makers from various production and development industries. The invited experts and industry insiders from Evonik, Fraunhofer and Lanxess, as well as other companies and institutions do not only present innovative application scenarios, but also take a deeper look at the future of lightweight construction and adhesive technology. The internationally and TV well-known memory trainer Boris Nikolai Konrad adds an extraordinary presentation on memory training in everyday life and profession. A guided plant tour at Airbus and a dinner at sea round up the conference agenda. Media partner of this event is the trade magazine DICHT


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With more than 35 years of experience in distribution of specialty chemicals and adhesives the Bodo Möller Chemie Group (, is the leading trading partner for well-known European companies like DOW Automotive Systems, Henkel, BASF and Huntsman Advanced Materials. The product portfolio of the company includes powerful adhesives and adhesive systems, additives for plastics, coatings, rubber products, textiles, lubricants and other specialty chemicals. Through targeted consulting and locally specific consumer service the Bodo Möller Chemie Group offers their customer for every individual requirement the suitable product and solution.

Event Details

Datum: 15.05.2014 - 16.05.2014

Zeit: Full-time

Ort: Seewartenstraße 9, Hamburg

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