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Quality & Safety

Quality and safety are great assets in the chemical industry. That is why our processes comply with the current international ISO standards, be it in the areas of quality management, occupational health and safety or environmental protection. With our integrated management system we convert the legal requirements into specific concrete measures. We work preventively and commit ourselves beyond the legal standards. With industry-specific certifications, we offer special expertise and meet the increasing demands of our customers.

Quality and safety are part of our DNA

We want to deliver high quality services while protecting both the health of our employees and the environment. As a result, all of our processes are certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 and are an integral part of our integrated management system. We comply with the legal requirements under REACH for the registration and use of chemicals for the protection of people and the environment.


We meet the highest quality requirements

Various industry-specific certifications make us the expert for special requirements. We are certified in accordance with DIN EN 9120 for the distribution and transfer for the aviation industry and our quality management fully meets the strict requirements of the aviation industry. Our adhesive laboratory in Poland is certified to the highest safety standards (A1 / S1) in accordance with DIN 6701-2 for the bonding of rail vehicles and vehicle parts and DIN 2304-1 for the calculation of adhesive bonds.


Code of Conduct and Compliance Policy

Our business relationships are conducted exclusively in a transparent, integrated manner. Violations of competition law, corruption and other illegal behavior are unacceptable. Our business development takes place in strict compliance with legally relevant regulations and fair competition. We  have established an Anti-Corruption Management System (ABMC) to safeguard the processes, which is overseen by an independent anti-corruption officer. Our claims to our actions are defined in our Code of Conduct. We assume social and social responsibility and live up to our claim to progress in safety and environmental protection, independently of legal requirements.

Bodo Möller Chemie complies with all important ISO standards of the chemical industry as well as specific standards of various industries and is also committed beyond the statutory standards:

ISO 9001 – Quality Management

ISO 14001 – Environmental Protection

ISO 45001 – Occupational Health and Safety

DIN EN 9120 – Distribution and Refilling for the Aviation Industry

DIN 6701-2 – Bonding of Railway Vehicles and Parts (Bodo Möller Chemie Polska Sp. Z oo, Poland Laboratory)

DIN 2304-1 – Adhesive Technology – Quality Requirements for Adhesive Processes (Bodo Möller Chemie Polska Sp. z o.o., Poland Laboratory)



ISO 14001 Germany

Environmental management system.

ISO 9001 Germany

DIN EN ISO 9001 refers to the merchandised service processes and to the internal processes of the organization.

EN 9120 Germany

Internationally valid quality standards and requirements for the distribution of chemicals and their transfer for the aerospace industry.