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We distribute the following Henkel products

  • AQUENCE® water-based labeling adhesives
  • BERGQUIST® BOND-PLY Adhesives tapes
  • BERGQUIST® SIL PAD® Electrically insulating thin pads
  • BERGQUIST® SIL PAD® Non-electrically insulating thin pads
  • BONDERITE® Acid cleaners and pickles
  • BONDERITE® Alkaline cleaners
  • BONDERITE® Anodizing
  • BONDERITE® Autophoresis coating
  • BONDERITE® Chrome technology
  • BONDERITE® Chromium free technology
  • BONDERITE® Corrosion protection
  • BONDERITE® Electroceramic coatings
  • BONDERITE® Etching agents for metal surfaces
  • BONDERITE® Inhibitors
  • BONDERITE® Iron phosphating
  • BONDERITE® Masking and covering media for the etching process
  • BONDERITE® Nanoceramic coatings
  • BONDERITE® Neutral cleaners
  • BONDERITE® Pickling products
  • BONDERITE® Special cleaner for engine overhaul
  • BONDERITE® Zinc phosphating
  • LOCTITE FRECOTE® Release agents
  • LOCTITE® ABLESTIC Electrically conductive adhesives
  • LOCTITE® Acrylate adhesives
  • LOCTITE® Adhesive films
  • LOCTITE® Conformal Coatings
  • LOCTITE® Core / edge fillers
  • LOCTITE® Cyanoacrylate adhesives
  • LOCTITE® ECCOBOND Underfill materials
  • LOCTITE® ECCOBOND-COB Encapsulants
  • LOCTITE® Epoxy resin adhesives for medical devices
  • LOCTITE® Film adhesives
  • LOCTITE® Hybrid adhesives
  • LOCTITE® Laminating resins
  • LOCTITE® Paste epoxy adhesives for aerospace applications
  • LOCTITE® Surface films
  • LOCTITE® Surface mount adhesives
  • LOCTITE® UV alkoxy silicones
  • LOCTITE® UV cyanoacrylate adhesives
  • TECHNOMELT® Hotmelts for labeling
  • Bodo Möller Chemie Online Shop

    In our online store you can directly order the broad range of Henkel adhesives, materials for electronics production and surface technologies.

    Product Selector Adhesives

    Here you will find the Henkel Selector Guide for easy selection of the right electronic material.

    Henkel Electronic Adhesives

    Here you will find our portfolio of Henkel electronic adhesives.

    Thermal Interface Materials

    Here you will find more information about Henkel Bergquist® materials .