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The Bodo Möller Chemie Group sells the following products of ebalta:  

  • Ebalta Polyurethane casting resins
  • Ebalta Epoxy resins
  • Ebalta Polyurethane gel coats
  • Ebalta Epoxy gel coats
  • Ebalta Laminating pastes
  • Ebalta Reinforcing pastes
  • Ebalta Modelling and lay-up pastes
  • Ebalta prototype resins
  • Ebalta Polyurethane resins for electrical encapsulation
  • Ebalta Epoxy resins for electrical encapsulation
  • Ebalta Fast-curing polyester putty
  • Ebalta Accessories
  • Ebalta Ancillary materials for vacuum infusion
  • Ebalta Fillers
  • Ebalta Synthetic gypsum
  • Ebalta Releas agents and mould sealers
  • Ebalta wax sheets
  • Ebalta fibre cloth and carbon fibre