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Adhesives and sealing systems offer new possibilities for high-voltage batteries in electric vehicles

Although batteries are a very common form of energy storage, their integration into electric vehicles is quite complex. However, it offers numerous possibilities for replacing mechanical fastenings with adhesive solutions. The selection of adhesives and sealants depends on the desired strengths, service considerations and to a great extent on the manufacturing requirements. A wide spectrum of adhesive systems offers the industrial designer new technology options and thermal management solutions for high-voltage batteries.

The battery housing can be assembled with modern adhesives as an alternative to welding. Adhesives also provide the flexibility to mount the heat exchanger directly to the battery bottom. In addition, it is possible to glue or mount the cover with an elastomer or foam seal. Strong adhesion on the side of the cover can facilitate module servicing. A gap filler is a suitable alternative to thermally conductive pads for the thermal connection of the modules to the battery cage bottom.

Learn more about the appropriate material selection for the different application of bonding and thermal management of high-voltage batteries in electric vehicles.


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