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Finishing agents

Finishing products give the textile additional properties depending on the desired profile of requirements, so that increased usability can be achieved. With special finishing agents it is possible to increase the resistance to light and chemicals, to make the textile softer and more voluminous or to optimize its dimensional stability. Also, the protection against stains or the washability can be significantly improved by means of chemical equipment. The static charge on synthetic fibers can be minimized or textiles with flame retardant properties can be equipped. Finishing materials remain as intended on the textiles.

DICRYLAN® Polyacrylate / polyurethane / polyvinyl acetate

Aqueous dispersion based on polyacrylate, polyurethane or polyvinyl acetate for coating textiles.

FLOVAN® Non-permanent flame retardants

Non-permanent flame retardants.

FORNAX® Anti-slip agents

Slip-resistant agents are products for preventing thread shifting for all fiber types.

KNITTEX® Crosslinkers

Crosslinking agent for improving the shape stability.

MEGASOFT® Silicone softening agents

Silicone compound for softening various fibre types.

PHOBOL® Oil and water repellent finish

Oil and water repellent finish with teflon and non teflon label.

Phobotex® Zelan® FC-free water repellency

Water repellent finish based on silicone, wax, paraffin and polyurethane.

PYROVATEX® Permanent flame retardants

Washable flame retardant.

SAPAMINE® Textile softening agents

Softeners based on fatty acid ester / amides, polyethylene and paraffins.

Turpex® Textile softening agents

Softeners based on polyethylene to improve the sewability.

ULTRAPHIL® Hydrophilic softening agents

Hydrophilic softening agent based on silicone microemulsion.

ULTRATEX® Silicone softening agents

Softening agent based on silicone microemulsion.

ZEROSTAT® Antistatics

Auxiliary for improving static charge of textiles.




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