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Fillers & extenders

Fillers are used to create opaque coatings, matte surfaces and to reduce the cost of formulations.

ClearLite™ Engineered perlite

Special engineered lamellar Perlite grades providing high transparency and formulation cost savings for matt wood finishes. The ClearLite™ product range is offering a new level of transparency in water-borne clear and transparent varnishes and lacquers for wood.

DiaFil® Diatomeceous earth

Superior matting in high PVC decorative matt paints – without loss of opacity or hiding power.

Celite™ Flux calcined DE (matting agents)

Celite™ Flux Calcined DE grades are very efficient matting agents for water-borne as well as solvent-borne paints and plasters for exterior and interior. The special grades are also recommended as matting agents for traffic paints.

Hydrous Kaolin (Opacifying extenders)

Various grades of hydrous Kaolins for water-borne coatings and paints. The grades are OptiGloss™ and ImerSilk™ for exterior wood and metal coatings. Supreme™ with thixotropic characterisitcs and Speswhite™ for semi-gloss and matt coatings, including printing inks. Speswhite™ and Polsperse™ B plus Polsperse™ E for matt paints and primers. Devolite is a special pre-dispersed grade.

OpTiMat® Extenders

An ultra-efficient matting agent for deep matt decorative paints.

PlastGard™ Engineered perlite

Special engineered Perlite grades for interior and exterior applications. It has been specially developed to provide ultimate crack and pinholing resistance in resin based plasters and renders.

Polsperse™ Extenders

An ideal natural ingredient to reduce titanium dioxide content in solvent-based products.

RC Titanium Dioxide extenders

Various grades of titanium dioxide for paints and coatings.

Socal® Extenders

A range of fine, treated calcium carbonate.

Speswhite™ Extenders

A highly refined kaolin of ultrafine particle size and high brightness from deposits in the South West of England.




Bodo Möller Chemie is expanding its partnership with Henkel with its new subsidiary Bodo Möller Chemie Baltics OÜ in Tartu, Estonia.

Bodo Möller Chemie is expanding its portfolio in the CASE sector (coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers) through its collaboration with CABB, the dianhydride specialist.