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Surfactants & emulsifiers

Emulsifiers are surfactants which cause the formation and durability of an emulsion by lowering the interfacial tension of the water. A distinction is made between oil-in-water emulsions and water-in-oil emulsions Surfactants are used, inter alia, as cleaners and degreasers in many industrial cleaners and metal pretreatment products.

ROKAcet Emulsifiers

Fatty acid ethoxylates.

ROKAmin Emulsifiers


ROKAfenol Emulsifiers

Alkoxylated nonylphenols.

ROKAnol Surfactants

Alcohol ethoxylates.

SULFOROKAnol Emulsifiers

Alkyl ether.

Bodo Möller Chemie




Bodo Möller Chemie intensifies its collaboration with BASF SE in the segment of Resins and Performance Additives for Paints and Coatings in Northwest Africa