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3D carbon fabrics

Weaving techniques can be used to produce near net-shape preforms.

Aerospace & Defense - Automotive - Composite production - Composite resins for wind energy - Composites & tooling - E-mobility - Formulated Systems - Lightweight construction - Production of composite components for aerospace & defense - Production of composite components for automotive - Wind Energy

Afcona Conventional wetting and dispersing agents

Afcona’s wetting and dispersing additives stabilize pigments (inorganic, organic and also effect pigments) and fillers. The liquid phase can comprise water and the entire range of organic solvents of varying polarity. They give viscosity reduction, good flow of a pigment paste and high colour strength. Very effecrtive in bentonite gel preparation.

Afcona Defoamers

Foam is a dispersion of a gas in a liquid. The occurrence of foam when producing and processing coatings, printing inks, plastic materials, but also in many other industrial processes, is usually not desired.
Defoamers or air release agents prevent and destroy the foam bubbles and enable an improved processing, a perfect surface and optimum product properties.

Automotive & transport vehicle paints - Composites & tooling - Construction & CASE - DIY - Performance Chemicals

Afcona Slip and levelling Agents

During the application of liquid coatings on surfaces a multitude of surface defects can occur. The cause for this is, among others, significantly differing surface tensions. If, for example, the surface tension of the coating is higher than that of the substrate, this manifests itself in poor wetting (high contact angle) and, with that poor adhesion and cratering. Also after the application and while the coating is drying, local surface tension differences can cause unfavorable leveling and the floating of pigments.

Composites & tooling - Construction & CASE - Formulated Systems - Industrial coatings - Performance Chemicals

Agomet® 2-component methyl methacrylate adhesives

Developed for processing with hardener powder or hardener paste to ensure easy mixing.

Automotive - Bus & Truck - Composites & tooling - Formulated Systems - Marine - Plastic processing industry - Rail - Sports & Leisure - Structural bonding of exterior components & interior of rail vehicles - Wind Energy

ALBAFIX® Fixing agents for cellulosic fibers

Fixing agent for cellulosic fibers to improve the wet fastness of dyeings and printed products.

Dyeing - Performance Chemicals - Textile Industry

ALBAFLOW® Wetting and deaerating agents

To improve the wetting behavior of the fibers and to deaerate the wet treatment of textiles.

Dyeing - Performance Chemicals - Textile Industry

ALBAFLUID® Crease inhibitors / lubricants

Lubricant for preventing running wrinkles, wrinkles, crow’s feet, grinding and chafing marks in the wet finishing of textiles.

Dyeing - Performance Chemicals - Textile Industry

Albatex ®D Water softener

Water softeners bind or mask the disturbing water hardness.

Performance Chemicals - Textile Industry

Albatex® AB pH buffer

pH buffers maintain the pH level at a preset value.

Performance Chemicals - Textile Industry

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