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Zelan™ R3

Jun 2, 2020

PFCs (perfluorocarbons) are increasingly under criticism. The reason for this is that these products, which are used for oil and water-repellent finishing of textiles, accumulate more and more in nature and are practically non-degradable.

With Zelan™ R3 from Chemours we offer a good alternative. Zelan™ R3 is a renewable, non-fluorinated, durable water repellent coating and offers very good performance on almost all fibre types.

For many materials, such as outdoor jackets, oil repellency is not required and therefore an important step towards environmental protection can be taken.

Advantages of Zelan™ R3 compared to PFC at a look:

  • Excellent water repellency in spray test, even after 20 washes
  • Zelan™ R3 is based on renewable raw materials
  • GOTS and EU Flower certified
  • Bluesign® and Öko-Tex® Standard 100 approved
  • Teflon Eco Lite Label

Let our experts advise you and learn more about our textile products.


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