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Local reinforcement of honeycomb cores & component edges

Core and edge fillers are used in sandwich components for the local reinforcement of honeycomb cores, e.g. when placing highly loaded inserts or attachments. Another application is the reinforcement of component edges. After hardening, these can be milled as visible edges. The products are offered in a density range from 0.5 g/cm³ to 1.8 g/cm³. Depending on the application, the focus is on lightweight construction or high compressive strength.

Epocast® Core and edge fillers

LOCTITE® Adhesive films

Adhesive films are reactive materials that are usually supplied frozen as roll goods. They are mainly used for bonding metal and composite components and for honeycomb sandwich structures.

LOCTITE® Core / edge fillers

Core / edge fillers are used in honeycomb sandwich components for local reinforcement and edge closure. They are offered in different densities and compressive strengths.

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EN 9120 Germany

Internationally valid quality standards and requirements for the distribution of chemicals and their transfer for the aerospace industry.

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