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We distribute the following DuPont products

  • BETABRADE™ Contamination and silicone remover
  • BETACLEAN™ Surface cleaners
  • BETAFILL™ 1-component polyurethane sealants
  • BETAFILL™ Polyurethane sealants
  • BETAFILL™ – 1K Polyurethane seam sealer
  • BETAFORCE™ 2-component polyurethane structural adhesives, high modulus
  • BETAFORCE™ Hybrid adhesive sealants for sealing welded housings
  • BETAFORCE™ Thermally conductive PU adhesive
  • BETAGUARD™ Rubber-based sealants, relining adhesives
  • BETALINK™ 1-component polyurethane semi-structural adhesives
  • BETALINK™ 2-component polyurethane semi-structural adhesives
  • BETAMATE™ 1-component epoxy resin adhesives
  • BETAMATE™ 1-component polyurethane structural adhesives
  • BETAMATE™ 1-component silane-modified polymer adhesives
  • BETAMATE™ 2-component epoxy resin adhesives
  • BETAMATE™ 2-component polyurethane structural adhesives
  • BETAPRIME™ Primer
  • BETASEAL™ 1-component polyurethane adhesives for direct glazing
  • BETASEAL™ 2-component polyurethane adhesives for direct glazing
  • BETASEAL™ Polyurethane gap filler
  • BETAWIPE™ Activators