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For permanent hygienic protection of plastics and surface coatings, we offer additives based on silver phosphate glass from SANITIZED


As a sales partner of SANITIZED AG, we offer a variety of antimicrobial effective products. Depending on requirements, a number of different active ingredients can be used.

One of the patented active ingredients is silver phosphate glass, which, in addition to its permanently excellent antibacterial effectiveness, is also characterized by a very high temperature resistance of up to 500°C. Sanitized® products are suitable for numerous thermoplastics such as polyolefins (PP, PE), PC, ABS, PS, EVA, polyurethanes, PMMA, rubber types (SBR) and thermoplastic elastomers.

Thus, our Sanitized® products effectively protect plastics from microbial infestation and thereby also prevent the development of unpleasant smells that are normally caused by bacteria. The additives based on silver phosphate glass are not hazardous materials, they are colorless and odorless and are easy to process. Depending on the application, 0,2 percent of the additive is already sufficient. The additives are also suitable for applications in polymers with food contact.

Good to know: All products from SANITIZED are free of nanotechnology!

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