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With a new event format, Bodo Möller Chemie Germany continues the successful webinars and live seminars dealing with various chemical solutions. In the future, events about a varied range of topics under the name TechDialog will take place virtually or on site. In cooperation with Henkel, a webinar opens the TechDialog with everything that needs to be known about efficient and sustainable industrial chemical cleaning, which includes the cleaning of workpieces and surfaces with universal and special metal cleaners. At the same time, a special aspect is the selection of the ideal products and processes in order to achieve savings due to the lower use of energy and resources. The first two sessions deal with technical cleaners and maintenance cleaners, followed by the introduction of neutral cleaners for metal processing parts in the subsequent session. The products from the BONDERITE® family come from Henkel’s portfolio.

The webinar will be broadcasted live from Düsseldorf’s Fritz Henkel House on May 10, 2022 and moderated by Andreas Moser, Head of Sales Formulated Systems at Bodo Möller Chemie. The speakers will be Helmuth Dengel, Account Manager at Bodo Möller, and Andreas Maslowski, Applikation Engineer at Henkel. The program of the free seminar is available online at www.bm-chemie.com/techdialog, and registration takes place there as well.

Industrial cleaning is a quality criterion

The industrial cleaning of workpieces is especially important in metal processing, as it is decisive for the quality in addition to the environmental aspect: The energy and resource expenditure should be as small as possible with the optimal cleaning result. “Further processing steps can incorporate metal shavings into the surface, thereby creating expensive rejects. Oil or fat residues or the beginnings of corrosion become a problem in subsequent processing, needing professional and sustainable chemical cleaning,” as described by Andreas Moser of Bodo Möller Chemie. With its BONDERITE® products, Henkel offers comprehensive cleaning solutions that are sold and distributed in Germany by the Bodo Möller Chemie Group. In addition to the products, Bodo Möller Chemie offers extensive knowledge for selecting the right product and its application. The first webinar session focuses on cleaning solutions to remove impurities such as oil & fats, metal abrasion & shavings, beginnings of oxide and corrosion as well as general environmental protection and fingerprints.

Industrial cleaning during processing

It is especially in the processing to remove metal shavings when cleaning between work steps is decisive to maintain top product quality. In a second session, TechDialog deals with industrial cleaning, focusing especially on the aspects of cleaning between cleaning steps such as milling, drilling, turning, punching, cutting, grinding, and honing. Experiments regarding the individual topics are shown in both sessions, all participants can ask questions about the respective applications, and obtain complete information.

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