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What are epoxy resins? Who invented epoxies and why? What do they look like? These are just a few examples of content exposed on the new website for manufacturer, user and applier and epoxy interested people.

This new website is an initiative of the Association of Plastics Manufacturers in Europe PlasticsEurope and the Epoxy Resin Committee (ERC). The aim of the site is to provide useful and concise information about epoxies, epoxy resins and their many applications.

The ERC represents an unrivalled source of knowledge, information and expertise, drawn from the leading European manufacturers of epoxy resins. Members of ERC are: DOW Chemical, EMS-Griltech, Huntsman, Leuna Harze, Momentive, Organika-Sarzyna, Spolchemie.
ERC is a product committee of the organization PlasticsEurope which is based in Brussels. The ERC represents the interests of over 95% of Europe’s epoxy resins manufacturers since the early 1980s.
The ERC acts as a source of action and information for issues and initiatives involving the epoxy industry and its related health, safety and environmental topics, analysing issues which affect the industry and developing positions and policies allowing constructive dialogues with all interesting groups.

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