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Ecolab is a main supplier of professional detergent and disinfectant processes for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. In these sectors, the production of goods must fulfil the highest cleanliness and hygiene standards. To do so, Ecolab offers a complete range of highly effective detergent and disinfectant processes. These products enable among other things: manual cleanings, CIPs (cleaning-in-place), disinfection of brew houses and of fermenting cellars, bottle and barrel cleaning, cleaning of the filling installation. P3 also comprises products for personal hygiene and disinfection for the employees.

BrewGuard helps breweries to meet the highest hygiene standards, and it also enables them to reduce their cleaning costs by saving time, water and energy and by reducing downtimes of the installations.

Bodo Möller Chemie is looking forward to working with Ecolab as a new principal and is glad about this extension of its product range.

From left to right: Marcus Ley (Marketing Director, Ecolab Deutschland),
Alfred Stöhr (General Manager, Ecolab Deutschland),
Frank Haug (Managing Director, Bodo Möller Chemie),
Norbert Lorenz (Sales Manager, Bodo Möller Chemie)

Corporate Marketing

Senefeldertraße 176
63069 Offenbach am Main

+49 69 838326-137
+49 69 838326-166


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05.11.2024 - 07.11.2024, Darmstadt