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For safe operation, modern airplane structures need high-quality, resilient adhesive solutions. Effective immediately, the Bodo Möller Chemie Group will  be authorized to distribute of Henkel’s aerospace products as well as provide professional advice, especially for the two brands LOCTITE®AERO und BONDERITE®AERO. These product lines are primarily used in airplane production and maintenance. The portfolio includes film and paste adhesives, mold release agents, primers, release agents, connecting materials and core fillers for honeycomb core structures. For the surface treatment of metal parts, products for selective abrasion (chemical etching & milling), cleaners as well as paint and varnish removers are offered.

Both companies have already been collaborating for a Iong time in areas like medical and electronic applications. “The aviation industry, like the automotive sector, needs a lot of know-how so it can maintain the speed of innovation. Here, our global sales & distribution network, our expertise for specialty chemicals and their application fields as well as the products made by Henkel are a perfect fit. This allows us to build a strong and long-term partnership with Henkel in this business division as well,” as described by Frank Haug, CEO of the Bodo Möller Chemie Group.

Production, maintenance & repair

Henkel products, which can be used in the areas of production, maintenance, repair and overhaul, ensure efficient production and assembly processes. However, the market is not limited to aerospace OEM manufacturers, but also includes the airline maintenance services and the independent repair companies for the worldwide airplane fleets. Many Henkel materials are already qualified by all major aircraft manufacturers, and can be used immediately in production and after sales service. The worldwide sales & distribution as well as the expertise network of Bodo Möller Chemie is capable of serving international markets and  manufacturers’ subsidiaries.

Production in Europe

“This partnership strengthens Henkel’s aerospace business division and expands its sales & distribution, while the portfolio of Bodo Möller Chemie expands even more for this challenging and exciting sector,” says Bodo Möller CEO Frank Haug. Henkel offers over 5,000 product specifications for the aerospace industry. In 2019, a new factory named the Henkel Aerospace European Hub was inaugurated.  This will expand Henkel’s capacity for epoxy based products for aerospace industry and improve the supply chain capability especially in Europe.

Expanded range of services: Adhesive Competence Center (ACC)

With its own Adhesive Competence Center (ACC), the Bodo Möller Chemie Group offers services that take over important preliminary production stages for industrial customers. Its own laboratory performs tests and analyses of materials. A design office takes on calculations and FEM simulations, also offered are continuing education courses and the audit preparation for companies. The facilities of the ACC are certified according to EN 6701 and DIN2304, the lab additionally meets the requirements according to ISO 9001. The DIN 2304 (quality requirements for bonding processes) is especially of interest to aviation industry companies that deliver their products to the German Armed Forces, as certified bonding processes are required there, among other things. In this connection, the Adhesive Competence Center can actively support and provide advice in the process qualification and verification of adhesive bonding.

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