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This is what modellers, jig and toolmakers have been waiting for: Ureol® material is back and is now being sold by Bodo Möller Chemie GmbH.

The modelling and tooling boards made from polyurethane and epoxy resin saturated with fillers are especially popular for constructing industrial master models. Ureol owes its reputation not only to its excellent workability but also to its tolerance for virtually all commonly used paints and fillers. Ureol is also valued for its mechanical properties, in particular its easy machinability, minimal dust produc-tion and resistance to distortion. It is therefore suitable for making all conceivable industrial models and for building precisely dimensioned prototypes and moulds, from deep-drawing moulds to injec-tion moulds.

It is only recently that the much-loved „genuine” Ureol boards and blocks became available again un-der their original name. Bodo Möller Chemie has now secured the rights to sell „Ureol® modelling boards” in the well-known quality. „From our many conversations with them, we knew that model builders were eager to be able to work with original Ureol boards once again,” explains Bodo Möller Chemie CEO, Frank Haug. „We are therefore delighted that we can now meet this demand.”

In the context of ever-shortening product life cycles, tool designers are continuously working to re-duce throughput times in the tool-making process. This means that efficiency has become more im-portant in tool design – and hence any solution that supports the tooling process.

Ciba-Geigy Corporation first patented the modelling board under the name Ureol in 1974. This pro-vided model, jig and toolmakers with a new material that combined all the desired properties, was readily available and easy to work. Since the start of the 1980s, polyurethane modelling boards have been an established part of model and mould making.

Under reactivated own brand Ureol®, Bodo Möller Chemie is offering not only modelling boards and blocks but also materials of compatible colour, density, hardness, thermal expansion coefficient and glass transition point required for machining and assembling parts, in particular adhesives. „Our ex-perienced team is very familiar with the material, its properties and potential and with all materials and tools that are used to machine it, so that we can guarantee top quality and an excellent price per-formance ratio right from the get-go,” says Frank Haug. This means that Bodo Möller Chemie can al-so offer attractive one-stop shopping for composite materials. „Bodo Möller Chemie’s portfolio makes us a market leader, because it also includes prestigious leading brands such as Huntsman, Dow-DuPont, Elkem and Sigmatex.”

This means that the firm has fulfilled its goal of becoming an international, full-range supplier in the areas of laminating resins, casting and block materials, as well as modelling compounds. „As global experts and systemic solution-providers, we offer optimal technical, applications and advisory exper-tise to our customers, who can benefit significantly from global sales structures,” says Frank Haug.

With 40 years’ experience in selling specialty chemicals, the Bodo Möller Chemie Group (, is the leading partner of renowned global chemical companies, like Huntsman, DowDuPont, HB Fuller, BASF and Henkel. The company’s products include high-performance epoxy resin, polyurethane and silicone-based adhesives, thermosetting plastics (epoxy resin, polyester, polyurethane, silicone), pigments and additives, textile agents, dyes, electro casting resins, tooling and laminating resins and composites. Proprietary production facilities and laboratories for customer-specific formulations and application tests complete the portfolio of Bodo Möller Chemie, headquartered in Offenbach, Germany. The experts at Bodo Möller Chemie offer their customers all over the world targeted advice and customized on-site services to help them find the optimum product solutions tailored to the individual requirements of many different sec-tors.

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