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Bodo Möller Chemie thereby further extends its already comprehensive product range enabling not only Composite users to benefit, but opening the door for increased abilities in problem solving for larger variety of applications.

Nanoledge is a resin manufacturer, specialised in the integration of nanoparticles into thermoset resins for improving performances, such as damage tolerance and electrical conductivity of resins.

At first sight Nanotubes look like coarse-grained black powder. Viewed under multiple magnifications we can recognise fine-structured accumulations of small cylindrical tubes. These nano scaled carbon tubes are substantially stronger than steel, being conductive in plastics and improve the mechanical characteristics from ceramic materials and metals. In short, these small multi-talents make it possible to react with completely new materials and providing revolutionary characteristics in innumerable ranges of application.

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Battery Experts Forum 2024

05.11.2024 - 07.11.2024, Darmstadt