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National Adhesives is a business unit of National Starch and Chemical Company with headquarters located in Bridgewater, NJ. National Adhesives is a member of the ICI Group, Akzo Nobel company. National Adhesives offers hot melt, liquid emulsion and solvent-borne solution adhesives to customers worldwide.

With this new co-operation with National Adhesives, Bodo Möller Chemie further expands its product portfolio of adhesives enabling us to increase our customer satisfaction by offering a highly diversified range of products.

Corporate Marketing

Senefeldertraße 176
63069 Offenbach am Main

+49 69 838326-137
+49 69 838326-166


Battery Days 2023

27.09.2023 - 28.09.2023, Weimar

productronica 2023

14.11.2023 - 17.11.2023, München