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Adhesive and sealing systems for high-voltage batteries in electric vehicles


Even though Hydrogen is getting more attention, battery electrical vehicles are considered most efficient today. The typical design of a high-voltage battery for the transportation sector offers many opportunities to replace mechanical fastenings with adhesive solutions. Bodo Möller Chemie offers a wide range of solutions of DuPont adhesive and sealing systems for the design of high voltage batteries in electric vehicles. The product portfolio includes solutions for structural bonding of battery cages, sealing battery lids and materials for effective thermal management.

As an alternative to traditional metalworking, adhesive technology is particularly suitable when stress-free, true to shape and dimensionally stable components are to be produced. Structural adhesives (1 component and 2 component) are mainly used for bonding the battery housing. These are crash resistant with OEM approval, have high strength and do not require primer. In addition to the physical properties, other factors must be considered for the appropriate choice of material – expected tolerances, cleaning and pretreatment the surfaces as well as the desired cycle time.

Total number of batteries, cycle times and system technology are important factors in determining the optimum lid sealing. By using alternative sealing systems, no or fewer screws are required on the lid, crash requirements are met and short cycle times are achieved.  Our product portfolio of alternative sealing systems includes epoxy adhesives, polyurethane adhesives and sealants as well as hybrid adhesives and sealants.

Thermally conductive adhesives offer an alternative to soldering heat sinks to the battery base and gap fillers provide excellent thermal connection of modules to the heat sink.

Learn more about the use of adhesive and sealing systems for high-voltage batteries in electric vehicles and benefit of the advantages of these systems.

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