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Textile chemistry & dyes

The textile finishing is necessary to produce usable textiles. In everyday use, we access a variety of textiles with different properties. Textiles protect us from cold, heat or disease, they can protect us from dangerous substances and unfavorable properties. The combination of high functionality and maximum comfort requires a high level of innovation through textile chemistry. Trendy fashion and great colors are a way of life. A broad assortment of dyes and water-sparing chemicals allow resources to be used in the most predictive and gentle way, while still accommodating fashion changes. We offer the right solution for clothing textiles, technical textiles, textiles for textile construction and the automotive industry to meet the highest demands.

ALBAFIX® Fixing agents for cellulosic fibers

Fixing agent for cellulosic fibers to improve the wet fastness of dyeings and printed products.

ALBAFLOW® Wetting and deaerating agents

To improve the wetting behavior of the fibers and to deaerate the wet treatment of textiles.

ALBAFLUID® Crease inhibitors / lubricants

Lubricant for preventing running wrinkles, wrinkles, crow's feet, grinding and chafing marks in the wet finishing of textiles.

Albatex® AB pH buffer

pH buffers maintain the pH level at a preset value.

Albatex ®D Water softener

Water softeners bind or mask the disturbing water hardness.

Albatex® PS pH regulators

pH regulators control the pH level during the staining process.

Albegal® Leveling agents

Leveling agent for uniform, reproducible dyeings.

Avitera® Reactive dyes

Reactive dyes of the latest generation. Extremely environmentally friendly as it is very energy and water saving.

CLARITE® Bleaching processors

Surfactants, complexing agents, dispersants for controlling the bleaching process.

CleanJet® Cleaning agents

For cleaning the nozzles from the printheads.

DICRYLAN® Polyacrylate / polyurethane / polyvinyl acetate

Aqueous dispersion based on polyacrylate, polyurethane or polyvinyl acetate for coating textiles.

ERIOFAST® Reactive dyes for polyamide

Reactive dyes for polyamide, which meet the highest wash fastness requirements.

Eriofast® Reactive inks

Reactive inks for the use on polyamide and cellulosic articles.

ERIONAL® Fixing and reserving agents for polyamide, wool and their mixtures

Fixing and reserving agent for polyamide, wool and mixtures thereof for improving the wet fastness of dyeings and printed products.

ERIONYL® A Acid / metal complex dyes

Acid dyes with higher wash fastness.

ERIOPON® Post-cleaning agents

Washing auxiliary for improving the performance properties.

FLOVAN® Non-permanent flame retardants

Non-permanent flame retardants.

FORNAX® Anti-slip agents

Slip-resistant agents are products for preventing thread shifting for all fiber types.

FUMEXOL® Defoamers

Defoamer for foam prevention in textile wet processes.

INVADINE® Wetting agents

Surfactants for improving the wetting behavior of textiles.

INVALON® Dispersant

Dispersant for a particularly fine distribution of the dyes.

INVATEX® Digestion agent / Cracking agents

Surfactants with excellent wetting, dispersing and complexing properties.

INVAZYME® Desizing agents

Enzymatic wet processing agents for surface polishing and  to remove surface fuzz. 

KNITTEX® Crosslinkers

Crosslinking agent for improving the shape stability.

LANACRON® Acid / metal complex dyes

Metal complex dyes for highest lightfastness requirements.

Lanaset® Acid inks

Acid inks for the use on polyamide and wool.

LANASET® Acid / metal complex dyes

Intelligent blend of acid, reactive and metal complex dyes for use on polyamide and wool.

LANASOL® Reactive dyes for wool

Environmentally friendly dyes for dyeing wool.

Lyoprint® Printing aids

Thickener, fixing aid, deaerator for use in printing paste.

MAXILON® Basic dyes

For dyeing acrylic and basic modified fibers

MEGASOFT® Silicone softening agents

Silicone compound for softening various fibre types.

MIRALAN® Wool protection agents

Lubricant for preventing running wrinkles, creases, scrawl, grinding and chafing marks in the wet finishing of textiles.

NEOLAN® Acid / metal complex dyes

1: 1 metal complex dyes for dyeing wool.

Novacron® P Printing dyes

MCT reactive dyes for the printing of cellulosic articles.

NOVACRON® Reactive dyes

For the dyeing of cellulosic articles, mostly reactive dyes with two reactive groups.

Novacron® Reactive inks

Reactive inks for the use on cellusic articles.

NOVASOL® Vat dyes

Vat dyes are especially suitable for contract business and camouflage printing.

PHOBOL® Oil and water repellent finish

Oil and water repellent finish with teflon and non teflon label.

Phobotex® Zelan® FC-free water repellency

Water repellent finish based on silicone, wax, paraffin and polyurethane.


For preparing the textile for the inkjet printing.

PYROVATEX® Permanent flame retardants

Washable flame retardant.

SAPAMINE® Textile softening agents

Softeners based on fatty acid ester / amides, polyethylene and paraffins.

SOLOPHENYL® Direct dyes

Direct dyes for the cost-effective dyeing of cellulosic materials.

Stabilon® fiber stabilizers

Fiber stabilizers protect the fibers from environmental influences.

SYNCOL® warp sizing agent

Syncol warp size is a polyacrylic based sizing agent. 

TECTILON® Acid / metal complex dyes

Monosulphuric acid, small-molecule acid dyes.

TERASIL® Dispersion dyes

Dispersion dyes

Terasil® Dispersion inks

Dispersion inks for the use on polyester.

TERASIL® W-EL Dispersion dyes

Disperse dyes for very high washfastness requirements for polyester / spandex fiber blends.

TERASIL® W / WW Dispersion dyes

Disperse dyes for highest wash fastness requirements, e.g. in sports articles.

TERATOP® Dispersion dyes

Disperse dyes with high light fastness for the automotive sector.

Teratop® Dispersion inks

Dispersion inks for the use on polyester with highest lightfastness requirements.

TESCOL® Warp sizing agent

Tescol warp size is a polyester based sizing agent. 

THERMOCOL® Migration inhibitors

Migration inhibitors to prevent drying migration of the dyes for uniform coloration.

Turpex® Textile softening agents

Softeners based on polyethylene to improve the sewability.

ULTRAPHIL® Hydrophilic softening agents

Hydrophilic softening agent based on silicone microemulsion.

ULTRATEX® Silicone softening agents

Softening agent based on silicone microemulsion.

ULTRAVON® Detergent surfactants

Dispersing and degreasing agent for the removal of preparations.

UNIVADINE® Leveling agents

Leveling agent for uniform, reproducible dyeings.

UV-FAST® UV absorbers

UV absorbers protect fibers and dyes from UV radiation and improve in many cases the light fastness.

UV-SUN® UV absorbers

UV absorber protects fibers and dyes from UV radiation.

UVITEX® Optical brighteners

Optical brighteners are fluorescent aids to increase the whiteness of all natural and synthetic fiber types.


Wax to protect the warp yarns during the weaving process.

ZEROSTAT® Antistatics

Auxiliary for improving static charge of textiles.




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