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Bodo Möller Chemie Polska signed agreement with Silysiamont S.p.A fort he distribution of micronized amorphous silica gel for Poland

The manufacturer Silysiamont S.p.A is a a 50/50 Joint Venture between Solvay and Fuji Silysia Chemica. Silysiamont is active in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America by means of a distribution network. The chemical structure of SYLYSIA® is based on Silicon Dioxide (SiO2), one of the most abundant substances on earth. The refractive index of SYLYSIA® is 1,46 similar to many polymer materials which implies high transparency. Synthetic micronized silica gel can be used in very different applications including matting agents in paint and coatings, film anti-bloking, catalyst carrier, and many others.

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