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Battery lid

The individual requirements on the serviceability of the battery are decisive for selecting the cover seal. If frequent service is expected, the cover can be mechanically fastened with a foam or elastomer seal. If the battery is only rarely opened or not at all, adhesive are possible solutions.

BETAFILL™ – 1K Polyurethane seam sealer

BETAMATE™ 1-component polyurethane structural adhesives

Air humidity curing 1-component polyurethane adhesives and sealants for high-strength, permanently elastic adhesive joints with accelerated curing.

BETAMATE™ 2-component polyurethane structural adhesives

2-component polyurethane adhesive for direct glazing which harden quickly at room temperature. Suitable for bonding metals, plastics and composites, provided that appropriate pre-treatment has been applied.

BETASEAL™ 1-component polyurethane adhesives for direct glazing

Highly viscous, air-humidity-curing 1-component polyurethane adhesive and sealing compounds for direct glazing in vehicle construction with diverse type-dependent properties.

CAF® 2-component silicone adhesives

Through special activation, they enable a hardening process without condensation products (e.g. acetic acid) even in closed joints without access to humidity and offer particularly fast hardening.

CeraPur – 1K Polyurethane foam gasket

L&L Hybrid sealants

Primerless UV-stable adhesive and sealing systems on hybrid basis with strong adhesion to metal, composites, thermoplastics with a broad mechanical spectrum.


JEC World 2020

03.03.2020, Paris

Bonding Seminar 2020

14.05.2020, Augsburg


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