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FROTH-PAK ™ is a portable kit with a two-component polyurethane system. This allows for quick and easy production of polyurethane foam for direct application, in high quality and for different applications.
The package consists of two pressure vessels, which are connected by hoses with a dispensing gun.

Benefits of FROTH-PAK ™

  • Fast commissioning
  • Mobile application
  • No power supply needed for processing
  • Very good adhesion to most substrates such as wood, metal, masonry, glass and many plastics

Applications of FROTH-PAK ™

Sealing of storage containers to moisture
Element for the production of air-tightness

Construction applications 

For installation of door frames and window frames
For filling of wall and roof penetrations as well as wall cavities

Cold Stores 
Ceiling, wall and floor borders
Heating and sanitary installations

Sound insulation
Repair and improvement of insulation layers
Jacketing of copper and PVC pipes

Automotive and transportation

Sound insulation
Protection from air, water and dust

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Froth Pak

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